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Welcome to the CRAM homepage!

CRAM, the Compressed Roleplaying Adventure Manual, is a universal, rules lite roleplaying system. The rules fit on one side of a single sheet of standard US letter size paper (8.5" × 11") so that the GM has room on the back for adventure notes and maps! Tiny fonts, cryptically terse wording, and complex math is forbidden. Polyhedral dice are unnecessary.

Head over to the downloads page to get the latest version of CRAM in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have questions check out the CRAM FAQ.

Key features:

  • Rules lite: CRAM is easy to learn and players can commit the entire system to memory after playing for a short time.
  • Fast: CRAM uses one simple mechanic for resolution of events that applies to anything from swinging a sword to hacking a computer. Character creation takes about 60 seconds.
  • Universal: CRAM's roots are in fantasy dungeon crawls but it is suitable for any genre.
  • Portable: only pencils, paper, and at least one six-sided die is required to play. You can play CRAM anywhere and at any time.

The Insidious Library of Niltras

Check the downloads page for The Insidious Library of Niltras, my entry for the 2014 One Page Dungeon contest.

For information about the contest and more one-page adventures go to